Joe Mellow Mood

Roots’rock’reggae’sound coming out from the Island of Love – Gili Trawangan, Lombok Indonesia. Joe Mellow Mood sending out their message with reggae music in their heart. They spread out positive vibes to keep on peace, love and respect. Joe Mellow Mood is an indonesian reggae band, ready to rock your soul.

Once upon a time, it was in 2009, Joe THE VOICE moved from Jakarta to Gili Trawangan. After being back in Lombok a dream came true and he started with his first own band called „JOE MELLOW MOOD“. Hendro the bass player grew up in the same area as Joe (DASAN AGUNG PEJERUK, MATARAM). He is the first member. Hendro’s friends, Apel – drums (from DASAN AGUNG PERIGI, MATARAM) and Q-ting – lead guitar (from DASAN AGUNG MUHAJIRIN) join the band! Beby (from TODO, NORTH OF LOMBOK) completes the JMM with his talent on the Keyboard. Last but not least, Getho (Percussion) is joining JMM 2012. He was born in Maumere – Flores. He loves reggae music, for this reason he made his way to Jakarta (1999) where he played music with different bands and musicians, before joining his new family – Joe Mellow Mood.

Joe Mellow Mood was born on the 6. of February 2010. Even though, Joe Mellow Mood is a newcomer in the reggae scene, their music is unique and already played on several local radio stations in Indonesia. Gili Trawangan and the SamaSama Reggae Bar is a perfect place to get a beautiful atmosphere and an international influence, this made the band strong in a short time. Joe Mellow Mood released their first album in 2012. Some of the songs were written in Jakarta, other songs were created in Gili Trawangan. Joe gets a lot of new inspiration from people, nature and musicians from abroad. The songs in the album “Lombok Holiday” are colourfull, the arrangements for each song are different. Joe experiments with languages, so the songs are mixed with bahasa indonesia, bahasa sasak, english, francais and even little bit of Deutsch.

nyampah ndekmaaaaan

Contact: Mr. Acok 087865848212

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