Singing since i was small kid,around 70, join the Band in Jogja, that time,we use to play Rolling Stone,Beatles song.I went to Germany 1977,and 1979 join the Band in there,Caos Company,we write our own song,,,new wave and 2 Reggae song,untill 81/82…back to Indonesia 1985,,,1986 i am going to Europa again,this time Holland,and Jamaica,travel to Belgium,France,and Spain,then back to Holland.When i come back to Indonesia,i have jam session with Indonesian musician and the guy playing drums from Jamaica,,,so since that time i am always interesting playing Reggae.don’t know how many Band in Jogja,1994,the Band Asianroots call me to join the Band,1 year,i play with Asianroots,mostly in Coffee around Jakarta and Bandung,we do recording 1995,but the recording was never been in the market.1996 i went to Switzerland,this time some one invite me to go there.back to Indonesia playing again coffee to coffee.2001 I make recording in Jakarta,with a help from my sponsor from Switzerland,but i don’t fine any Lebel,who is interesting.So i am back to Jogja,and join together with Blass Group/Recording studio,make 1 album,Yang Bagus Akan Datang.Now when the Reggae is getting familiar for Indonesia,,,everyone give suport to make new album,,,so you wait there my new album.

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