Caesar Nurfiansyah, known by the stage name “Mightyche” is an Indonesian Deejay, singer, songwriter and record producer. As a musician, Caesar is also an Obstetrician and Gynecologist. He often describe his dual profession as “life balancing”, the yin yang. His motto is “science for my mind and music for my soul”. The stage name Mighty Che is derived from the nickname his high-school friends gave him. “Che” is a Spanish diminutive interjection commonly used in Argentina meaning “friend” or “pal”. Mightyche hhas been performing since age of 12. He has been been in the reggae roots and culture scene since 2006.

In 2006, Che and his friends assembled a band by the name of Rebels of Babylon. The group performed in various high-school festivals, but was dismissed in 2007. In that year, Che met his reggae culture mentor and teacher, The Legendary Tony Q that inspired him to form another group called the Babylonians which started his professional career in Indonesia’s music scene. Being one of the top bands in Indoreggae community, they launched a couple of singles such as “Jamdown Jakarta” and “Dem War (guns & ammunition) in 2007, and “Susana Pantai” (2009). The band had toured across Indonesia during their time. The band fell apart in 2011 and Che started his solo career and released his first single featuring Drimi called “Hey Gyal” (2011).
During his solo career, Mightyche has many collaboration with other musicians such as Matahari Reggae Band, Shore, KunoKini, Souljah, Conrad Good Vibration, Sold!, Aldisyah Latuihamallo, Cas Alfonso, Wizzow and Ras Muhamad. In 2012, his second single “Body Movin” was released and had a positive response from both reggae community and music community in general. Third single “Untukmu” was released in 2013 as one of original soundtrack of an Indonesian movie “King of Rock City (Tak Sempurna). In 2014 Mightyche announced a temporary break in the music industry to pursue his medical career path. During his time as a resident doctor, he formed an experimental band called O&G Project which a fusion of various music genre such as rock, pop, jazz and reggae. The band had toured some of local cities like Surabaya, Makassar, Etc.

Contact: 082125677418

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