Andreas & Banana Beach is a reggae band located in Depok, West Java, Indonesia. They have been bringing up the reggae vibration through the city & around since 2008. Some of their records have been published in some local TV & radios. All the fight for reggae music that they have been doing all along is actually for one simple reason, spreading peace & love for all people & community surround it with Reggae music. Peace, Love, & Brotherhood from Depok, Indonesia.

Bob Marley, Marley Family, Tony Q Rastafara, Condrad Scolastic, UB 40, Big Mountain, SOJA, Alpha Blondy, Inner Circle, Steven Jam, Jason Mraz, Bruno Mars, etc

– Andreas – Lead Vocal (@ Andreas Christian Margaretha)
– Cepout – Guitar (@ Cepoutreez Cepout)
– Amin Uwoh – Bass (@ Uwoh Manchi)
– Ceppy – Percussion (@ Ridwan Setiadi Cepy)
– ambon-drum
– our lovely mng Dxs art & Boy DJembe
– keyboard-editional.


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