Setting off from South Jakarta, SoundXinors’ music incorporates a variety of styles such as alternative rock, reggae, and funk.

On August 17th, 2005 SoundXinors was officially formed. Early in the year 2007, a self-produced album “Reach the Sky” was recorded. Launched in August in the same year, “Reach the Sky” contains ten tracks of original songs and a cover of an Indonesian legend, Gombloh’s “Kugadaikan Cintaku”. With limited budget and resources, the album had spread amongst local communities, underground airwaves, and even made international exposure through the band’s MySpace page. The band’s hardwork, with support from their friends and crew, had paid off as gigs and event invitations started coming around. It seemed that SoundXinors was well on its way towards widening audience.

Unfortunately, not long after, three of the band members had decided to leave the band. Left with only Hery as guitarist, Jamal and Benx Auxin as vocals, the remaining members struggled to keep SoundXinors alive by seeking for gigs continuosly. For more than a year, the band was supported by additional players just to stay afloat, before going into complete hiatus in early 2009.

Fortunately, that situation did not occur for long. Aldi then rejoined SoundXinors to fill in as the keyboardist, followed by Ziva, the bassplayer, in November 2009, and Tefan, as the drummer in January 2010. Once again, SoundXinors was then. Wasting no time, the new formation quickly catch up where they left off. Through strong commitment, hardwork, and total creativity, the band slowly regained its reputation through several events while working on their new materials.

In the 4th quarter of 2010, SoundXinors has completed its new album; a roll of 10 tracks containing recomposed original tunes plus the addition of three new songs.

Jamal Ahmad (Bungjams): Vocal, Guitar
Hery Desha (Heroy Destroy): Guitars
Bambang Irawan (Benk Aux-in): MC, Vocals, Djimbe
Tefan Yosha (Tefan): Drums

311, Incubus, RHCP, Bob Marley, Matisyahu, No Doubt, POD, Sublime

0818 818202 – 085718494486

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