Yella Sky; an English slang taken from the words Yellow Sky

A Band or Dj seet that will accompany you throuht the best moment, Feels like a Sunset. “Just feel and enjoy” Yella Sky Sound System has creating and choosing their music genre from the roots of a Dub Reggae. Starts from, Agent ‘K’ known as the beat make and founder of Yella Sky Sound System. Starting his path from a music group called, CekOmbakProject, an Indo Experimental Sounds.

Realize of how important bass line in Dub Music, Agent ‘K’ taken his music sample to his mate “Uncle J”, a Bassist from a Punk band called “Black Teeth”. And “K” inviting Uncle J to fill in the bass line to the beats.

All the beats, bass lines, fx sounds like “Delay and Echo” still not complete without a Guitar Reggae rhytm BlueSkyCloud, a Guitaris comes from the same Punk Band as Uncle J interested to jump in and involve to color up the music of Yella Sky Sound Sytem

For the vocals, Agent ‘K’ the beat maker invite his fellas to involve “King Nassah” a rapper who comes from Hip Hop collective called “ZeroOne”

And MC “Fake French” who represent nothing but him self!

And finally, all of these Dub music lover has creates a great combination of a Dub music with their own characters, simply to complete the sunset moment while sipping a cup of coffee.

Contact Information:
Phone: +62-81311233877

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